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This free Broadband Speed Test is give a the ability to measure download and upload speed at the same time by clicking start. Run few test to get the average download and upload speed to get a more representative speed measurement. Wait until test again button appear to see final speed test measurements.

If your computer is in a home network or your are sharing the bandwidth with friends or roomates, your computer might be slow due to higher number of users sharing the same network connection via a router or a hub. If you are connected to the internet via a wireless router this might cause the slow download speed due to high interference and slower connection.

DSL subscribers tend to have a problem of slower connections due length of the phone line between the residence and the phone company hub. Many internet service providers tend to have server glitches where a normally constant speed suddenly drops due to technical difficulties, it shouldreturn to normal after a few minutes or hours.

Check your download internet speed by running the following download speed test. This download speed test applies for DSL, Cable, Satelite, WiFi, 3G, and dialup connections.

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