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Did you just recently got a high speed broadband connection but you are not getting the the internet service providers promised fast download speeds?

Internet download speed is determined by various factors. Some download speed is determined by your computer system hardware and software performance. If you have a old computer system, no matter how fast your download connection is, the computer cannot handle high download data rates so it defaults to slow download rates. It is time you get a new system that can handle high download data rates with high processing power and memory.

Sometimes your computer systems software might limit the download speed. Computer systems with spyware, viruses, malware, and bad programs tend to eat up the computer memory and processing resources to slow down the download speed. Spyware are also known to consume bandwidth too. If this is the case we recommend you run spyware, run virus to clean the system, and uninstall unwanted and bad programs.

On the other hand if you system is updated in terms of hardware and software and your download speed is still slow, the problem is might be with the internet service provider. Internet service providers generally fail to admit that if you are using the computer during busy hours such as week days evenings, due to sharing bandwidth with neighbors in same IP range, your connection will run much slower than promised download speeds.

If your computer is in a home network or your are sharing the bandwidth with friends or roomates, your computer might be slow due to higher number of users sharing the same network connection via a router or a hub. If you are connected to the internet via a wireless router this might cause the slow download speed due to high interference and slower connection.

DSL subscribers tend to have a problem of slower connections due length of the phone line between the residence and the phone company hub. Many internet service providers tend to have server glitches where a normally constant speed suddenly drops due to technical difficulties, it shouldreturn to normal after a few minutes or hours.

Check your download internet speed by running the following download speed test. This download speed test applies for DSL, Cable, Satelite, WiFi, 3G, and dialup connections.

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