Comcast Download Speed Test

Check your comcast download speed test using It does have the advantage of sitting inside the Comcast network to give some accurate comcast download speed test results.

That can be very useful when you're trying to isolate the source of a problem. The external tests may be a better gauge of the real user experience, though. The above official comcast download speed test gives better gauage on your download speed. However, it is generally good gauage is to try to download a 10Mb file to find out the real comcast download speed. This is when comcast download trottle known to kick in. Some comcast download speed test from users say they see a 20 Mbs/sec download speed and 9 Mbs/sec upload speed. However, they say everywhere else they see about 12 Mb/sec download and 6 Mb/sec upload. Sometime the comcast download speed is depends on where you are located too.

Check your download internet speed by running the following third party download speed test which is more accurate in measuring the real comcast download speed. This download speed test applies to any DSL, Cable, Satelite, WiFi, 3G, and dialup connections and comcast or other internet service providers.

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