Monitor Traffic on Home Network

If your home network on a router then there is a program which will show the log entries of the router on your pc, which you can retain for searching through.

You might have a look at it - it's free. You can see where the others on my home network are surfing at any time. Use it to keep a eye ip address on the network that shouldn't be there. Use it to monitor if there are any intrusions and reassures the network is not compromised.

However, unless you monitor at the WAN interface of the router, you probably won't be able to see all the network traffic. Another method is to use a hub (not a switch) in front of the router with all the computers connected to the hub. That will allow monitoring all the traffic. If you use a hub, you'll see all the traffic on the network however, if you use a switch, you'll only see broadcast traffic. If you are sharing the connection as many of us do, you might consider one of the Linksys routers with QoS capability that will limit the bandwidth for any single connection. This prevent one person over using or abusing the share connection.

On the other hand, use a Network Traffic Monitor software. It is a network analytic tool that examines local area network usage and provides a display of upload and download statistics. The main purpose of the software is to monitoring (and counting) the IP traffic between your local area network (LAN) and Internet.

Also, for checking your upload and download speed run the following download speed test.

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